by I Could Sleep in the Clouds

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This album only exists because I have the kindest friends.

Huge thanks to Andrew Garces, Sean Ballard, Aaron O'Neill, Jake Coyne, Ani Kramer, Craig Anderson, Patricia Anderson, Michael Stadelman, and everyone else who has been supportive of any of my bands. You are all so rad!


released April 12, 2016

Recorded by Andrew Garces. Artwork by Jake Coyne (instagram: @fakecoin and fakecoin.bigcartel). Additional Vocals on "Good Time" by Ani Kramer.

I Could Sleep in the Clouds are (on this recording):

Andrew Garces - Guitar
Aaron O'Neill - Bass
Sean Ballard - Drums
Todd Anderson - Guitar/Vocals



all rights reserved


I Could Sleep in the Clouds Saint Louis, Missouri

Todd Anderson and awesome friends.

Todd Anderson has been performing in the St. Louis music scene for nearly fifteen years in more than a dozen bands and projects.

Currently, he also plays in The Vanilla Beans (guitar), Shady Bug (bass, backing vocals), 3 of 5 (moog) and uploads experimental guitar loops at
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Track Name: Soul
I was alone you came along and stole my heart to make it whole, but when you left you took my friend, swallowed my soul, my little soul.
When we broke up it was too much. I quit my job and moved back home don't go that way, don't see your face, don't go to church, I'm glad I've changed. I missed the old me. Friends ask where I've been hiding.
Track Name: Magic
She speaks with her eyes as she asks you to dance
She has powers that pull you right in, she dances slow, her aura glows.
She has magic that you can't understand, she stole your heart with the wave of her hand, there it goes.
You have three dreams that you can't comprehend, in two she's the one, in the third she demands that you go, so you go.
How did life get dull when she made it so grand? Your highest of hopes, this was not in the plan, now you're old, she still has goals, you feel the cold.
Track Name: Good Time
I keep going to these places with you
I've never been before
When we're out on the town you show me around
The places I've missed
We are having a good time here.
When you're back at your house I keep thinking about
You curled up to me
Your face pressed against mine our lips are entwined
Lost in the grace
We are having a good time here.
Track Name: Medication
You keep asking where I've been and who I've been with, but you're the one who keeps talking of him when you call me on the telephone.
You make me want to give up. You make me want to quit.
I'm not trying to call you out or know your business so please just leave me be the way you found me before all of these hard feelings came.
You make me want to give up. You make me want to quit.
If the weather's nice where you are you've probably cursed it. Everything under the sun will know your wrath when all is said and done.
You should just grow up. If you need prescription drugs see a physician.
Track Name: Ocean
Every morning I went out and rode your bike around the town
Looking for that A frame house there were always cars about.
The ocean's always making waves.
In the early in the dark, through the neighborhoods and parks
Looking for that wondrous sound, where's the surf or sleepy clouds?
The ocean's always making waves.
That salty stench still in the air, it pulled me here it dragged me there
I crossed a bridge to get to you, you were so cold you were so blue.
The oceans always making waves.
Track Name: Last Year
Last year started out like all of the other years
I had high hopes, but soon I would discover that it would have its low points and you'd really break my heart
Then it got better, 'til it was better than ever.
I have great friends and now I have even more
I've had more fun than I've ever had before
Things I did seemed real only in dreams, but when I awoke they were still here with me.
Don't give up when you're feeling down
Things only get better the longer you hang around
I could be your friend if you ever needed one we could put on some records we could go out and have fun.